Thursday, 19 February 2009

Social Network Sites

It was announced on the BBC News today that using the likes of Facebook is bad for your health. What are they thinking?

Facebook works at many levels, namely:

1. It is an opportunity to befriend people all over the world. I have friends across the USA, Canada, Finland and across to Russia. This could not easily happen without Social Networks.

2. It is a great tool to advertise your services, business and products for business networking! When you have not been through University environments where you can readily gain contacts to carry with you into adulthood, Facebook and other online networks are an excellent alternative.

3. It won't stop you from meeting friends physically - and when the opportunity arises, you can eventually arrange to meet the new friends when you travel around the world.

4. You have to take a gamble when making friends! Whether you are going down to the local pub for a drink in order to make friends - or end up doing it online, the result, in time, can be the same. But that doesn't rule out the pub/nightclub/evening class for making friends.

5. The dark-side! Whatever you do in life, you run the risk of running into a bad/bitter person who may have misguided motives with friendship. Whether it happens online or just down the street, you need to use your instinct, be vigilant and common sense.

"Life" can be bad for your health - it is wrong to point fingers at a social network that requires time to learn how to use and it teaches people positive behaviour.

Am I right or Am I right?

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